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Why Jardinico?

Jardinico is a Belgian based outdoor parasol and furniture design and manufacturing company. With more than 15 years of experience, the company offers an extensive collection of quality umbrellas both for residential projects as well as the contract market. The design ethos is contemporary style, with top quality, maintenance-friendly fabrics and easy to use frames. The umbrella collections are supplemented with stylish outdoor accessories and deco.

Top of their range are the Caractere parasols. Bruno Vandeputte, CEO of JARDINICO, joined forces with designer Evelyne Moreel van Lutho, to create JARDINICO Caractère, filling a gap in the market for high-end, strong parasols that were also aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and made to last for years:

Other Jardinico cantilever parasols include the Antigua, Cali, Kingston, Aruba and Nicosia ranges. The Nicosia is a lighter weight parasol, more affordable and designed for the residential market, the Cali, Kingston, Aruba and Antigo can be used in either residential or commercial environments. Whilst not boasting the strength of the top end Caractere range, these parasols are nevertheless very good quality and ideal for many homes and hospitality industry settings. They still offer the contemporary, sleek and easy to use design features of all Jardinico umbrellas.

Top end Sunbrella fabrics, with mobile bases and protection cover bags included with each parasol. Matching outdoor furniture and alternative fixed bases available on application.

2 year warranty on both frame and canopy

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Why Paraflex?

Paraflex are a Belgian company with a worldwide reputation for quality. They have 40 years experience in aluminium engineering.

Their unique and patented system removes the need for a heavy base and central pole. The flexible arms and tilting canopy let you create shade where ever you want it.

Suitable for both commercial and private use, all year round.

A really upmarket, quality and versatile umbrella, ideal for city outdoor living in a smaller space or balcony.

Offer a 2 year warranty on the Paraflex holder.

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Why Serengeti?

The Serengeti range of parasols from the South African manufacturer, Woodbine, are brand new to the UK market this year, and what a find they are.

The range varies from the well designed, domestic, Eclipse cantilever parasols through to the ultra strong centre pole Cyclone parasols for windy conditions, and the wonderfully stylish, top end Silhouette Gazebo. I am confident that despite the credit crunch, these will find homes in many residential and commercial settings in the coming Season. This range are the choice for those looking for a shade solution that will last, both in looks and in quality of build and materials. An investment, yes, but well worth making.

I would highlight the following features:

The easy opening and closing mechanism of the Cantilever parasols, and the Silhouette Gazebo, are particularly impressive - extremely well designed and executed.

Woodbine have been designing and manufacturing top quality garden parasols and outdoor furniture in South Africa since 1987. South Africa is a country where storms and strong sun are the norm rather than the exception and we benefit for the wealth of manufacturing expertise developed in the face of such weather adversity!!

Quality cantilever parasols and ultra strong parasols have been difficult to find in past years. With the smoking ban, increasing worries about overexposure to the sun, and the recognition that rain and wind is a UK weather feature, the market has been crying out for shade solutions that last. The Serengeti range goes a long way to meeting this need.

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Why Shademaker?

Shademaker is a leading manufacturer of high quality large umbrellas for both commercial and residential use. The parasols were originally launched in 1998 by the designer Captain Russell Bond, who used his marine and sailing experience to create umbrellas with marine-grade components. Russell Bond's objective was to manufacture the world's finest outdoor umbrellas and the residential side post Sola range is the best company's best seller. Hailed worldwide for their excellent design and ease of operation and maintenance, the Shademaker umbrellas are exported to over 20 countries. Offer a 5 year limited warranty on ALL COMPONENTS for defective workmanship or faulty parts. Supplied with 2 alternative fabrics

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Why Spectra?

The Spectra is a brand new product from Umbrosa in Belgium, who also manufacture the Paraflex, Ingenua and Rimbou shade solutions that we supply. It is a very contemporary, minimalist parasol in aluminium with fibre glass struts. Ultra, ultra new.

The Spectra is both designed and manufacturered in Belgium by the specialist company. The designer, Dirk Wynants has introduced a number of functionality improvements on a standard cantilever parasol.

Here is a link to the U Tube video of how to work the parasol You Tube Spectra Off-Set Parasol

Here is a link to the manufacturer's website: Umbrosa

Bases available for mobile, wheeled use, fixed position to a decking, or fixed position in an inground base.

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Why Tradewinds?

Established in South Africa in 1991, Tradewinds Parasol is one of the world's leading parasol manufacturers.

The Tradewinds umbrellas, in their many different colour shades and styles can be seen in commercial and residential settings in more than 40 different countries.

The parasols are designed to the highest quality standards and made with the finest materials in order to withstand years of heavy use.

All Tradewinds umbrellas benefit from a unique stainless steel bracket system which means that the umbrella is easy to look after and repair.

In a nutshell, these patio umbrellas are exactly the kind of product we like to stock: highly functional and practical, attractive, stylish and contemporary in looks, and well made from the highest quality materials.

An excellent brand.

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Why Tuuci?

Innovation, design and durability are the cornerstones of the TUUCI tradition. The company is world renown for its functional, simple and contemporary design. It has won multiple design and excellence awards from furniture manufacturing Associations and Design Associations.

TUUCI are one of the leading world patio umbrella and shade companies, operating in all over their native USA and the rest of the world,

With their roots in the marine industry, this influence continues to be felt in their engineering and design quality.

Every parasol is crafted with premium materials and to rigorous manufacturing standard.

TUUCI offer an unrivalled 15/5 year warranty on their products.

A flagship brand, truly excellent products.

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Why Vortex?

The Vortex is a UK manufactured ultra strong parasol, designed by specialists to suit the needs of the UK windy climate. I believe that it is the strongest parasol available on the market today.

The Vortex is an improved version of the Tradewinds Tornado that we sold last Season. The manufacturing has been brought over from South Africa to UK and teething problems ironed out. It is now even stronger than it was.

Its strength comes from its reinforced frame specification, but also the high tension canopy. There has been increasing call in the market for such a parasol, particularly since the smoking ban. Restaurants, hotels and pubs all need reliable outdoor structures able to withstand wind and rain.

So if you are looking for permanent outdoor shelter in a windy location, I would heartily recommend the Vortex. It is not easy to get up and down - if it were, it would not be nearly so strong. But for those looking for a parasol that requires minimal "wind management", then the Vortex is the answer.

Optional extras include:

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